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"Harry Bloomfield" <harry.m1byt(a)> wrote in message
> Peter Johnson expressed precisely :
>> Except that drivers using aftermarket satnavs may be driving at the
>> speed indicated by the satnav not the speedo. (My car has a built-in
>> satnav but I don't know whether the indicated speed is derived from
>> that or not.)
> I doubt it would be, because the satnav speed is only updated once per
> second in. In one second your true speed can vary by a great deal and
> satnav does not take into account bends in the road. Satnav is great for
> checking your speedos indicated speed, but only when you maintain a very
> steady speed and when driving a straight section of road.

If that is the case, how can it work out your arrival time?

Rover 75 CDTi

From: The Medway Handyman on
Steve Firth wrote:
> Harry Bloomfield <harry.m1byt(a)> wrote:
>> I doubt it would be, because the satnav speed is only updated once
>> per second in.
> Oh FFS, more Urban Myths.

Typical Fuckwit Firth post.

If your objective was to contribute to this group, you would have politely
explained exactly why its an urban myth and increased eveyones knowledge.

However, your objective is clearly to show what a clever boy you are. Your
mum must be proud.

Dave - The Medway Handyman

From: Ret. on
Nick Finnigan wrote:
> Ret. wrote:
>> Construction and Use Regs:
>> 3.6. Speedometers
>> Every motorcycle first used on or after 1 April 1984 and capable of
>> more than 25 mph must have a speedometer which reads in both miles
>> per hour and kilometres per hour either simultaneously or separately
>> by the use of a switch. A speedometer which is approved to Community
>> Directives 75/443/EEC as amended by 97/39/EC, 2000/7/EC or to UNECE
>> Regulation No.39 is acceptable.
>> A non-working speedometer is *not* a speedometer!
> It is, but there is a separate reg requiring it to be in good working
> order (except for pre 1937, or <25mph, or pre 1984 <100cc)

The resident pedant strikes again eh?

From: Adrian on
"alan.holmes" <alan.holmes27(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much
like they were saying:

>>>> Is a speedo a legal requirement?

>>> Yes - absolutely.

>> Really? So the two motor vehicles I own which don't have speedos and
>> never have had speedos are illegal, are they?

> And what vehicles are they?

Perfectly legal ones.

One's UK-registered and currently MOT'd. The other one needs the engine
rebuild finishing and a little tidying, then it'll be MOT'd and UK-
registered, too.
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In article <nMXpm.77556$OO7.37137(a)>,
davidlang(a) says...
> Care to explain that fuckwit? Why would I wish to spam a driving group?
That is between you and your therapist, and usually covered by patient
confidentiality if you don't wish to disclose it.
Carl Robson
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