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"Brad" <optional(a)> wrote in message

> What's that about?? Are Australians just seen as suckers who will pay
> through the nose for 'prestige' car brands or soemthing?

Pretty much.


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"Doug Jewell" <ask(a)> wrote in message

> There is no reason for it to be bad. Aircraft have had fly-by-wire for
> decades now, where it is controlling many more variables than just the
> throttle. Of course there is the old adage "if it ain't Boeing i'm not
> going", but Airbus's issues are to do with the programming of the FBW, not
> the reliability of the hardware.

I don't have a problem with the hardware per se', but the implementation of
it in some cases is appalling and it would seem that the concept of
"thorough testing" is taken more as "simulated" than actual real world by
some manufacturers.

I mean, there's no other way you could explain ridiculous "everyday"
failures that should just never happen and would undoubtedly be discovered
during "real world" physical testing.


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"John Tserkezis" <jt(a)> wrote in message

> Is the Priarse dual redundant in its accelerator/brake controls? Or
> ANYTHING for that matter?

Not that I'm aware of.


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On 11/03/2010 9:24 AM, Clocky wrote:

> Software updates are released very often in the automotive industry fact for
> all sorts of fixes.

Show me one driver that cares about software updates that fix
everything, AFTER they've had their crash...

When confidence in a product drops like that, who (well, anyone who
HASN'T been living under a rock) is going to buy a Priarse now?
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"Trevor Wilson" <trevor(a)> wrote in message

> **Coil packs are no different to the old ignition coils. 100 + year old
> technology.

No, they're not, but like everything else they never seem to last anywhere
near as long as the older stuff.

I could show you plenty of 1960's Falcons that are still running along fine
on their original ignition systems (aside from the service components of
course), but I'd struggle to find an EF or EL Falcon that had it's original
coil pack in place.

> As for the other stuff, perhaps I am lucky.

More than likely.


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