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> On Feb 23, 5:35 pm, Hachiroku <Tru...(a)e86.GTS> wrote:
>> A woman testified before Congress that when her Toyota began
>> accelerating uncontrollably she "put the car in neutral and it had no
>> effect, I stepped on the brakes and it had no effect, I applied the
>> emergency brake and it had no effect, I even tried to put the car into
>> reverse and I couldn't."
>> Huh? Putting the car in neutral had no effect? Someone provide with with
>> a clue on this one.
>> BTW< the car was a Lexus.
> She probably didn't hit the brakes in conjunction with putting it in
> neutral. Or my best guess; it's a ploy that will lead up to a lawsuit.

That seems about on the money. Er, no pun intended...