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>>Its a bit like driving to the gym - just walk there and then walk back.
>>don't even need to pay membership then!!!
> in that case I would agree, *if* you are going to the gym to use a
> walking machine. When you drive to a walk, its because you want to
> walk somewhere different or more interesting and almost certainly on
> footpaths rather than roads.
> Self says he does all his walks starting from home (Central London). I
> have done the same using canal and river banks and footpaths and got
> as far as the source of the Thames, but I'm not going to do it all the
> time and if I drive to (say) Beachy Head or the Lake District to walk
> there, there's nothing illogical about it, any more than going by
> train.

Nothing wrong with two people driving from different places to meet in a
mutual place and go for a walk together.