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On Jul 19, 7:47 am, "Clocky" <notg...(a)> wrote:

> Most refugees and illegals don't get here by boat, that is the point. I'm
> not at all supportive of illegals entering the country but it's rediculous
> that the focus is on a few thousand boat people which represents a drop in
> the ocean of the total number entering. I think the number of illegals is
> estimated at 53,000, yet boat people account for only about 3000 of those
> but they remain the focus group.

it's not ridiculous, as the boat people are the ones who ignore the
proper channels (which begin by presenting yourself at an Australian
embassy or consulate). That's what people mean by 'queue-jumpers'. The
plane people are the ones who come here with passports and papers, and
can identify themselves, and didn't pay a people-smuggler to get them
here. The boat people have an obligation to seek asylum in the first
safe country they come to - which is not Australia but India, in many

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"D Walford" <dwalford(a)> wrote in message
> On 19/07/2010 12:36 PM, Mr.T wrote:
>> Yep amazing how many people forget that Gough ended conscription within a
>> week of being elected. Has any other government ever fulfilled an
>> election
>> promise that quick?
> Very few if any, to many people of my age it was a life changing event for
> which I will be forever grateful.
> Nothing makes my blood boil more than conscripting young people into the
> military against their will and those that advocate it should go away die
> very slowly and painfully.

Couldn't agree more. Even Billy Hughes stopped conscription during
WWI,...which was a war with much greater relevence to our national security
than the Vietnam war. The spin-doctors of the US were terrified of Communist
expansion. I dont think that is why we followed tho,..we had this left-over
feeling of indebtedness to the US over the war in the Pacific,..and by
extension, any new threats to our country.


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On 20/07/2010 10:09 AM, Noddy wrote:

> I don't think it's going to be the walk in the park for her that some people
> think it may be.

Rarely are elections completely predictable, I wouldn't even try and
guess the outcome of this one, it could go either way.

> Tony Abbott is a pretty unattractive alternative to me, but if I was him I'd
> be playing *heavily* on the fact that as number 2 Gillard was part of Rudd's
> problems, and all the members of the "inner circle" still hold their
> original positions :)

He could try that but she could counter claim by saying she was just
doing as she was told.

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In article <i20peu$5qq$4(a)>, atec77(a) says...
> On 19/07/2010 1:43 PM, Albm&ctd wrote:
> > In article<4c43c0d4$0$28667$c3e8da3(a)>,
> > dwalford(a) says...
> >> On 19/07/2010 9:35 AM, Noddy wrote:
> >>> "John_H"<john4721(a)> wrote in message
> >>> news:nu0746h1em5iio5n748mo6dcmdqfrh1h75(a)
> >>>
> >>>> Maybe if you were lucky.
> >>>
> >>> Or persistant.
> >>>
> >>>> I knew a conscientious objector who tried to take the legal way out.
> >>>> He was handed over to the army by the law court and given the job of
> >>>> painting army huts with a toothbrush. Nor was he allowed to take the
> >>>> paint can up the ladder. He survived the two years but wasn't the
> >>>> full quid when I met him.
> >>>>
> >>>> Such was/is the military mentality!
> >>>
> >>> I don't know if it still is, but it certainly was. The Army used to survive
> >>> on bastardisation.
> >>
> >> According to my Warrant Officer brother not much of that goes on any
> >> more although my guess it would be near impossible to wipe it out
> >> completely.
> >> He complains that he is not even allowed to verbally abuse the troops
> >> any more:-)
> >>
> >>
> >> Daryl
> >>
> > Are the troops allowed to do a little dance and slap him with a wet fish or two?
> >
> > Al
> They can still get in the ring and belt him about if able though
I guess only the navy would get him in the (other kind of) ring.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.
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> "PhilD" <replytonewsgrouponly(a)> wrote in message
> news:S3t0o.1002$FH2.301(a)
> Stupid Outlook Express crashed and repeated itself. Just as well I'm moving
> to Win7 and can't use it soon.
> PhilD
Mebee you should use win95 and Gravity like what I doo :-)
I'll post this more than once if it makes you feel better.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.
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