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On 21/04/2010 01:01, Dave Plowman wrote:

> I've got Colway remoulds on the SD1 and they're very, very good. Far
> better than these 'no name' new brands. Cheaper, too. But they went bust -

The last thing you want are "bust" tyres.
From: Silk on
On 21/04/2010 08:29, Chris Bartram wrote:
provided they are
> round, black, and pass an MOT, that's fine.

Nothing wrong with that if you're only intending on driving sensibly.
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"Dr Zoidberg" <AlexNOOOOO!!!!!!> wrote in message
> "Steve Firth" <> wrote in message
>> Do prats insist on fitting cars with "economy" tyres?
> A lot of them believe the tyre fitters who tell them that they are fine
> when they are competing for business purely on price.

Especially when they probably haven't the faintest idea that "General UHP
and Toyo AT" are "quality" tyres, because, like me, they've never heard of
them either! (Perhaps things are different if you move in the 4x4 world).


From: Adrian on
Silk <me(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they were

>> Do prats insist on fitting cars with "economy" tyres?

> Believe it or not, many people choose to drive well withing the safe
> handling limits of the worst tyres. Why should they pay more?

Quite simply, because those "safe handling limits" are ridiculously,
dangerously low on many cheap tyres.

Not only is there no margin for error or for dealing with an emergency,
but cheap tyres are usually considerably harsher riding, louder, and
cause the car to use more fuel.

They're also frequently no cheaper in cost per mile.
From: ARWadsworth on

"Steve Firth" <> wrote in message
> Do prats insist on fitting cars with "economy" tyres?
> I've taken delivery of my new commuter hack. The previous owner has
> fitted it with "Nexen" tyres. There are no words in the English language
> for how shite these tyres are.

Worse than Lassa?


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