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> Toby wrote:
>> No - and I deliver stuff to places accommodating old and forgetful folk.
>> They're actually imprisoned by coded locks.
> An eye opener eh!

hah - if you knew where I'd worked......
>> However, in at least three of the places most of the so-called demented old
>> blokes know what the codes are and tell me when I need to get out of the
>> places AND there ain't any nurses about:-)
> LOL They don't want you staying there then?
> :-P
And good on 'em:-)

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Toby wrote:

> hah - if you knew where I'd worked......

Ditto. We won't go there. ;-)

Take Care. ~~
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On 6/15/2010 10:45 AM, Sylvia Else wrote:
> On 15/06/2010 8:31 AM, OzOne(a) wrote:
>> On Mon, 14 Jun 2010 22:43:00 +1000, Sylvia Else
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>>>> You don't seem to understand that responsibilities are shared.
>>> You can leave out comments about what I do or do not understand. They
>>> are not relevant to the debate.
>> I'd be leaving out a lot....
> That seems to be an admission that you make a lot of irrelevant comments
> about what you think I do or do not understand. You include them because
> doing so makes you feel good, and you probably think they make you look
> good. Since they don't advance the debate, they're just an indulgence.
> By all means leave them out.
Node to a T....................
>> Responsibility for rescues are shared by international
>> agreement...sometimes it's in your area sometimes not.
>>>> Sometimes it in your area, sometimes it's not
>>> So France contributes when Australia rescues people that are definitely
>>> in Australia's area of responsibility?
>> No France rescues people from all nations including australia when
>> they are in French waters...we do the same by international agreement.
> But if they wait a while, they can let the person to be rescued drift
> into someone else's area of responsibility and avoid the cost of a
> rescue thereby.
> Sylvia.

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Athol wrote:
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>> Athol wrote:
>>> Sylvia Else <sylvia(a)> wrote:
>>>> I hear they're pretty good at blowing up unarmed vessels in foreign ports.
>>> That'd be in *friendly* foreign ports...
>> Not very after it happened though
> Yes, but it was a friendly country and port at the time that the
> action was undertaken. Have they ever done anything comparable in
> an "unfriendly" country/port?
google french military victories + actions and hit feeling lucky
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> Murphys law :- Never argue with a fool people might not know the
> difference......................

Got that printed on your business card, huh?