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Mr.T wrote:

> Increasing the gap to the car IN FRONT stops the car BEHIND running into you
> how exactly? When you slow down the car behind will still be right on your
> bumper.

Many ways. Ah, you gotta be joking. Nobody is that stupid.

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On 20/06/2010 5:45 PM, Mr.T wrote:
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>>> If there is a big gap in front you can stop hard and and still have
>>> somewhere to go as the idiot gets close.
>> Exactly.
> So you don't normally leave a big enough gap to do that unless being
> tailgated,


OK I understand now.

No you don't.

> Since I do, a far bigger complaint for me is those who feel it necessary to
> pull into any gap left that is more than half a car length. And usually
> without even indicating. FAR more annoying than someone *behind* me IMO.

Both are equally as bad.

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On Jun 20, 5:30 pm, st3ph3nm <s...(a)> wrote:

> So again I ask, why enforce a law that most people were ignoring,
> simply because there was no *safety* benefit to do so?

people ignore speed limits because they mistakenly believe it's safe.
humans are notoriously poor at risk assessment. this is why
longitudinal studies based on statistics are used to guide policy on
matters such as speed, rather than the opinions of individuals.

> To get you thinking on this, what do you think happened in the USA
> when they scrapped the national 55mph speed limit, and states
> variously increased highway speed limits by up to 30mph?  The road
> toll in those states decreased.

it's just untrue. there is overwhelming evidence of the opposite. it
defies logic that driving faster is safer and belief that it is the
case can only be reasonably be put down to cognitive dissonance.

a more reasonable question is: to what degree does speeding reduce
safety? i think there is a case that making highways safer can justify
higher speed limits. but not in urban areas - the idea that speeding
is safe where there are pedestrians, cyclists and turning vehicles is

> Inappropriate speed for conditions is always a bad thing.  5kph over
> an arbitrarily decided speed limit is not by definition unsafe.

the point is, you need something to enforce. 'driving to the
conditions' is an ideal outcome, but you can't practically prosecute
someone for failing to do that. in an ideal world, we would allow
people to make that decision for themselves, without prescriptive
speed limits. due the proliferation of bad drivers however, we are a
long way from that ideal world and we need speed limits.
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Mr.T wrote:
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>>>> I find most tailgaters are young and over estimate the reflex time
>>>> they leave braking hard in the ftruck usually generates a cure
>>> I'm sure the crash repairers are happy with you, but you have no
> sympathy
>>> from me for any inconvenience it causes to you in the process.
>>> Simply ignoring them until you can safely let them past works just as
> well.
>> Why offer a chance ?
>> legal braking for a turn or stop when THEY are to close is alowed is
>> it not ?
> Of course, and you do signal your intentions as legally required right?
Now you being silly and insulting
>> If they suffer a blood pressure problem why would I care when I am
>> reasonably well protected in a couple of tonnes of cage ?
> As I said, IF you think two wrongs make a right,
where did I say that ?

although when turning I as right
then no sympathy from me
> for the inconvenience incurred when getting your truck repaired.
if they bend the rail iron rear bumper I will wear it
> MrT.
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> So you don't normally leave a big enough gap to do that unless being
> tailgated, OK I understand now.

I really don't think you do, but anyway.....