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> Over a few months, this guy would show up without appointments and
> want me to tell him what else needed fixing. On one occasion, I
> remember telling him that he now had the seat mountings right, and
> not to change them, but that the seatbelts still needed fixing, and
> gave him a detailed list of what to do with the belts. The next
> time he showed up, the seatbelts were exactly the same but the seat
> bolts had been changed and were no longer correct...

On the next inspection I would have just told him to dig a hole, drive the
car into it and build a block of flats over the top.


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> On Mon, 14 Jun 2010 21:33:47 +1000, "Noddy" <me(a)> wrote:
>>See my reply to Scotty numbnuts.
> You told him he should have put the link on the bottom.....You
> obviously don't read that far.
Errr, he told him he should have put it on the "TOP" of the post, not the