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"kid joe" <spamtrap(a)spamtrap.invalid> wrote in message

> just please give me good advice like this

You were given the advice to slow down last time, and you seem to have
ignored it. Why should we bother giving you further advice to ignore?

From: Graz on
On Fri, 19 Sep 2008 07:01:14 +0100, "Road_Hog" <nospam(a)>

>"Graz" <graz(a)> wrote in message
>> 55mph is hardly "dawdling". The "official" speed limit is neither a
>> mandatory speed or even a target. You want to be getting up earlier!
>If the conditions allow it, then you should drive at the speed limit (making
>progress) to complete your journey as soon as can possible and to not
>inconvenience or slow up any other drivers. So yes, it is actually a target.

No, there is no requirement to drive at the speed limit. The pubs are
open all day now so there is no urgency to complete your journey as
soon as possible. Only dickheads think there is. So no, it is
actually a limit not a target.

From: Ed Chilada on
On 18 Sep 2008 22:30:05 GMT, Adrian <toomany2cvs(a)> wrote:

>kid joe <spamtrap(a)spamtrap.invalid> gurgled happily, sounding much like
>they were saying:

>> Have to say my insurance went up a huge amount for the earlier 3 points
>> - would a ban be another similar increase? Certainly hope not :(
>Far, far more. Go and play with if you want to clarify just
>how much more.

<thumb up>

>Oh, and just a quick question for you... You're coming up to a junction,
>with an island in the middle. There's a binwagon blocking your way whilst
>the bins are emptied.
>Do you...
>a. Wait.
>b. Go round the binwagon and the wrong side of the island into the

:-) I remember this story...

From: "The Legend Returns" trabant owners club on

"Brimstone" <brimstone520-ng03(a)> wrote in message
> AndrewR wrote:

> ROFL excellent.

Don't you agree, only a cretin would re-post 100 lines of text just to add
two words?


From: Conor on
In article <pan.2008.>, kid joe

> Would I be able to get the ban on an FPN? I'd rather avoid a trip to court :)
No, you're going to court.

> > From your description it sounds like you completely misjudged an
> > overtake and panicked when you realized you were approaching the brow of
> > a hill and needed to get back on your own side of the road quickly. In
> > that case, forget about the points - you should consider yourself bloody
> > lucky to be alive. Learning to overtake safely is one of the most
> > difficult things to get right - and redoing the L-test certainly won't
> > help you with it...
> No, it was a completely safe overtake, I was back on my side just before
> the top of the hill, only just past the point where the centre line goes
> solid so that you can't begin an overtake.

Yet you had to do 100MPH to do it.

> Basically I blame the fucker in
> front of me - he was dawdling along at 55mph,

So there wasn't a valid reason to overtake.

> Have to say my insurance went up a huge amount for the earlier 3 points -
> would a ban be another similar increase? Certainly hope not :(
Several times more.


I only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't
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