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> >> > The simple truth is that a motorist will pay more into the system that
> >> > a cyclist, who is not a motorist, will pay (given the same personal
> >> > circumstances)
> >> The important point being that the vast majority of cyclists *are*
> >> contributing towards the costs of maintaining the highways, regardless
> >> of the method of taxation.
> >> SW
> >Not in proportion to the usage they enjoy.
> Do you perchance ever eat chocolate? If so, do you pay a chocolate
> tax?
> --
> Pete

No, can't stand the stuff.
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> On 5 Dec, 14:06, SW <allbrankeepsyougo...(a)> wrote:
>> Round here, £55/year of the average council tax bill is spent on the
>> highways.
> And this would be paid regardless of whether the taxpayer was a
> cyclist or not, cyclist enjoy the facillities for free thus gaining an
> advantage over other taxpayers, which makes cyclists freeloaders.

The money that I save from not running a car (£2000? £3000?) I spend on
living in a more expensive house (= bigger council tax) and buying more
toys and more beer (= more money in govt coffers from VAT and duties).

Your "all other things being equal" analysis is utterly facile, because
they never are.

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> >> FFS.  If you want to drive a car on the road you have to have a tax
> >> disc - simple.
> > No.  If you want to drive (or keep) a car on the road, that *car* must
> > have a tax disc.  It is the vehicle keeper's responsibility to make
> > sure of this, not the driver's.
> > If it's that simple, stop getting it wrong.
> So how much is a tax disc for a push bike?
> --
> Dave - The Medway

Same as for an electric car?
Currently £0 I think.
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>>> mileburner wrote:
>>>> But I suspect that given his remark and other comments that
>>>> cyclists are sponging freeloaders he actually has some difficulty
>>>> grasping the fact that some cyclists are also keepers of motor
>>>> vehicles and pay a variety of taxes (including VED) just like
>>>> everyone else.
>>> Which is completely & utterly irrelevant - because you don't pay a
>>> 'specific' taxe to cycle.
>> Just like a driver does not pay a 'specific' taxe to drive [sic].
> Oh what a clever boy. You spotted a minor spelling error. I'm sure mummy
> would be proud of you.

I was not actually mocking your spelling, I was mocking your point.

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>> > Much too long. What you mean is "Cyclists will never accept that they
>> > are
>> > freeloaders."
>> Possibly because that statement is incorrect.
>> Ho Hum...
> Looks correct from where I'm sitting

S'funny isn't it? How when you look a bit deeper, things are not always as
they first seem. The key is to look a bit deeper.