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On 25/06/2010 08:09, Ret. wrote:
> Clive George wrote:
>> On 24/06/2010 18:33, Brimstone wrote:
>>> Because that's their job, it's what they're being paid to do.
>> Since when have you decided what their job is?
>> Are you the management at a car dealership? No? Well, in that case,
>> you have absolutely no control over defining what their job is and
>> what they're being paid to do.
> So how would *you* define the role of a car salesman working in a
> dealership?
> Is it:
> a) To sit around all day reading porno magazines?
> b) To sit behind their desks and play computer games?
> c) To set up a TV and watch football games?
> d) To make every effort to induce potential customers to buy a car?

I would suggest it is none of the above 100% of the time.

Try thinking things through a little further than you normally do and
you might eventually understand.
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On 25/06/2010 08:47, Brimstone wrote:
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>> On 24/06/2010 20:19, Brimstone wrote:
>>> There are those who have. Social class has nothing to do with getting a
>>> commission.
>> Yeah, in theory.
> And that comment is based on what personal experience exactly?

A good guess. And I have a feeling I'm right.
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On 25/06/2010 10:08, Brimstone wrote:
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>> On 24/06/2010 21:19, Ret. wrote:
>>> Because I wanted to get away from the incessant football yatter on
>>> the box.
>> I appear to have avoided incessant football yatter on the box very
>> effectively for at least the past ten years. There are various
>> controls which enable me to do this, ranging from selecting a
>> different source to switching the thing off.
>> 3pm on a glorious summers day - I can think of many things better than
>> either car shopping or watching telly. Why weren't you out enjoying
>> the garden or the fine countryside your house is surrounded with?
>> Maybe a day trip somewhere nice? You're retired, you've got the time
>> to do that sort of thing - why waste it in the way you're doing?
> Because it's his choice.

Hey, he's allowed to waste his life away watching daytime TV if he
wants. But equally we're allowed to point out that he is wasting it and
could be doing so much more.
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On 25/06/2010 08:02, Ret. wrote:

> And I just wonder what the top bosses at the dealership's head offices
> would think about the lowly manager at the local dealerships making
> these decisions? Somehow I suspect that the decision to allow workers to
> neglect their duties in this fashion is not a 'top-down' policy.

They would probably take the view that there is more benefit in having a
happy and well motivated workforce for 99% of the time compared to an
unhappy and unmotivated workforce 100% of the time.

They probably thought that you were only a time-waster anyway and not
worth the effort. It would appear their instincts were correct.
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On 25/06/2010 08:35, Ret. wrote:

> In some instances. The Skoda dealer I went to yesterday was a 'family
> run business'

I'd take that with a pinch of salt. It probably only means the GM and
his wife run that particular branch or it started off as a family
business 100 years ago.

It's a bit like "fresh", "natural" and "home cooked".