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> Mike G is acting like a drooling fuckwad. If he decides to start talking
> sense instead of banging away that he is right

I didn't say that in any of my posts. I disagreeid with you, and explained
why, based on my own experience with my 2 autos. So far you have not given
any reason why left foot braking to hold or change a gear before a bend is
any faster or any better than using the change lever.

and everyone with a clue
> is wrong then I'll give him some respect. I certainly gave him enough
> rope and instead of creating a nice cat's cradle he made a noose and put
> it round his own neck.

A pathetic response from someone who has failed to answer any of my direct
questions, and one who doesn't know that in a '96 5 speed BMW conventional
auto, gears may be selected and held in the same way as those in a later 5
speed auto with steptronic.

The last time I said that, you called me a liar. Prove it. Should be easy if
it actually is untrue.

The only real difference is that with the steptronic the shift lever is
moved to a position where it is pushed or pulled to change gear up or down.
In the conventional box the gear has to be selected by moving the shift
lever to the appropriate number on the indicator. Apart from that the
g/boxes behave the same.

The problem with your argument is that it doesn't contain any details. All
you appear to be saying is that left foot braking is the right way to be in
the correct gear for or on a bend, with no explanation of what you actually
Seems to me that arguing with you is like trying to knit fog. You make
statements, and then run away if anyone asks you to support them with
further details.

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>>>>>> It is this which causes the problem with having the brake lights on
>>>>>> all the time.
>>>>> Problem? Not one I'm aware of. Sure many drivers seem to brake for no
>>>>> reason, but cars that have brake lights on all the time must have a
>>>>> fault. Either with the switch or wiring
>>>> You are not keeping up with the subject,
>>> My reply was to your statement about 'having the brake lights on all the
>>> time'
>>> If that is something you've noticed, the only logical explanation is
>>> that it is due to an electrical or mechanical fault, rather than driver
>>> incompetence..
>>> I have said before, that people who
>>>> drive with their foot on the brake pedal cause the brake lights to come
>>>> on as they just press the pedal slightly, nothing to do with the switch
>>>> or the wiring, just laziness really!
>>> Agreed, but how does that explain 'brake lights on all the time'?
>> Deep sigh, it is because they keep the brake pedal pressed all the time
>> they are driving, because they are to stupid to put their left foot on
>> the floor until it is needed, the fact that the brake pedal is being
>> pressed puts the brake lights on.
>> Is that clear now?
> No, unless you can explain how someone can drive a car and "keep the brake
> pedal pressed all the time they are driving"

Because they do not know that a slight depression of the brake pedal causes
the lights to come on, they are to lazy to be able to drive right footed!

>> Or are you not aware of how the things work?

The question is, do YOU know how things work?
> You're the one that appears guilty of that.
> Mike.
>>> And you still haven't answered my question about left foot braking.
>>> Mike..