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>>> Central London is a great place to shop
>>No, it isn't. It's hell on earth.
>wonderful place.

I'm very much a country lover but you miss out on a lot if you ignore
the great things in the centre of most world class cities, the
restaurants, the art, the dance, music, galleries, opera and ballet,
the streetlife, the specialist shops, Borough markets, some great pubs
and architecture. People try and claim all those things exist away
from the big city elsewhere but they are at thier best in Central
Mike. .. .
Gone beyond the ultimate driving machine.
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>> >>>> I have a decent size Waitrose and Sainsbury within walking
>> >>>> distance -
>> >>>> both on the high street. There's no real reason they have to be 'out
>> >>>> of town'.
>> >>> Yes, there is.
>> >>> They are more convenient, in more ways, to more people, on the edge
>> >>> of
>> >>> town than they are in the centre or in the inner suburbs.
>> >> I'm sure it is if you love driving miles for groceries.
>> >>> That's why they do it.
>> >> They do it because the sites are cheaper and people are stupid.
>> > People are stupid to appreciate convenience, speed, choice, low
>> > (compared
>> > to corner shops) prices, easy free parking and a general atmosphere of
>> > welcome, are they?
>> What is convenient about having to drive miles to buy a few groceries?
> Nothing. You drive miles to buy *lots* of groceries, that's the whole
> point.

Not everyone needs to buy lots.

> Even better, use your brain and shop somewhere on the way home
> from somewhere else rather than making a special trip.
That's assuming that one is going somewhere else.

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> >I could be even more cynical and suggest that the prudent 'Saviour of
> >the World' lined himself up for a cushy and highly paid job in the
> >banking sector
> he probably will because the financial sectors of the world  realize
> he was a main architect of the rescue plan that abated what could have
> been a 1930 style recession and bank total collapse. My guess is the
> IMF.
> --
You obviously have a much higher opinion of Gordo than I do!

Derek C
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> >What would that be, for corner shops, and why can't corner shops do it
> >now? They have been around for a long time, after all.
> you cannot carry the variety if you only have a few hundred customers,
> corner shops are now places you nip out for the stuff you forgot, a
> paper or a bottle of wine and a lottery ticket.
> --

How many meals can you eat? How much "variety" do you need? It's not
necessarily an improved diet.

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> >> And how often do you think people should go grocery shopping?
> >My parents always managed. So did most of the rest pf the population
> >with hardly an "out of town" shopping centre in existence.
> usually with a non working housewife and a much less interesting range
> of food. Things like (bell) peppers and aubergines were very exotic
> then.
> --

Sod me! Utopia!