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>>> On Fri, 6 Aug 2010 22:09:25 +0100, Ophelia wrote:
>>>>> Anyone who condones and old man's car being smashed up to give a
>>>>> couple of
>>>>> coppers some sport is a thug.
>>>> Without doubt!
>>> have you actualy read all the press report and watched all the video?
>> Yes, Mike, I have. While I agree that that old bloke was daft, the
>> police action was way ott! If they really thought he was deserving of
>> such treatment, they would have pulled him over Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before he
>> had gone 17 miles.
They pulled him over at the first opportunity- when the stop stick was

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}Brimstone wrote:
}> "Two policemen were suspended after a disabled pensioner claimed he was left terrified by officers who smashed his car window after catching him driving without a seatbelt.
}It's public knowledge that he has convictions for traffic offences, abusive behaviour and has made previous allegations against Police! Coincidence?

Are you referring to the previous convictions which were droped on apeal?
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On Fri, 06 Aug 2010 15:24:40 GMT
Periander <> wrote:
>Oh I see, on a track you have roundabouts where you give way to oncoming
>traffic? Next you'll be telling us that the track has pedestrians
>crossing without looking, cyclists overtaking on the inside, junctions
>controlled by traffic lights, oncoming traffic ...

Wow , such difficult road conditions to contend with! I mean its one thing
to max out a car on a curve and prevent it from oversteering while someone
might be trying to pass on your inside, but its a whole different ballgame to
look in your mirror for an undertaking cyclist while stuck in a traffic
jam listening to Chris Moyles and then having to move the car over the
junction when the light turns green!

You muppet. Stay away from me when you're on the road if you find all that
stuff you mentioned taxing for your little brain.

Would I trust a trained racing driver to drive a police car fast through
normal traffic? Most certainly.

Would I trust a police driver to race on a track and not end up in a crash
on the first corner or come dead last? Not a chance.


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>>> >> >> > On 6 Aug, 15:20, Chelsea Tractor Man
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>>> >> >> > wrote:
>>> >> >> >> On Fri, 6 Aug 2010 14:54:01 +0100, GT wrote:
>>> > But really they were enjoying a bit of legalised bullying, as you well
>>> > know and can be seen in the video.
>>> Why would you call it bullying?
>> What would you call several fit active thugs in uniform terrorising an
>> OAP?
> They weren't terrorising anyone- they were trying to stop a driver who
> would not comply.

He was stopped.

>>> Do you have any other suggestions as to how the vehicle could be
>>> stopped?
>> He did the stopping by himself. there was no need for the thugs.
> No, he stopped because the police had deployed a stop stick across the
> road.

He stopped because a copper in front signalled him to do so. Which gives the
lie to your comment above.

> He could have even performed a u-turn, unless he was stopped by the
> officer who "opened" his window.

Why would he turn round, his destination was in front?

>>> Or do you think that motorists who fail to stop for the police after
>>> striking one of them should be allowed to go about their business?
>> He wasn't charged with striking one.
> But that is exactly what he did.


> I assume the police accepted that it was not deliberate, and therefore did
> not charge him with that offence.

Perhaps they didn't charge him because there was no contact.

>> Behaviour worthy of 1930's Nazi's in Germany.
> Reasonable behaviour, in my opinion.

Reasonable behaviour for a thug, maybe.

> The old duffer was lucky - in the US he'd had been fishtailed off the
> road.
Unlikely, American police officers are taught to have some respect for older

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>>>>> NM wrote:
>>>>> | On 6 Aug, 17:17, Chelsea Tractor Man mr.c.trac...(a)
>>>>> || breaking the windows to get in and pulling him out? If somebody
>>>>> || drives off while being interviewed, knocking aside a policeman,
>>>>> || fails to stop or pull over for 17 miles in front of twos and
>>>>> || blues and only stops at a stinger its his own stupid fault. The
>>>>> || US would have pulled him to the ground and handcuffed him from
>>>>> || behind while lying on his face, if they hadn't shot him already.
>>>>> |
>>>>> | And you think thats OK?
>>>>> In the circumstances described, I think it would be reasonable.
>>>> I think what we need to know is what happened just *before* the video
>>>> that has been released. Was the officers' *first* response on getting
>>>> out of the car to jump on the bonnet and to smash the window with a
>>>> truncheon,
>>> The officer on the bonnet did not smash the window.
>>> The officer at the side smashed the drivers window, but not with a
>>> truncheon.
>>> Were you actually watching the video?
>> You obviously didn't.
> What do you imagine he smashed it with?
> Clue- it was expandable, it was made of metal, not wood, and it was not a
> truncheon.
That part is not in dispute.

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