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Jason James wrote:

> I rescued a Hemi block with crank/pistons, and full of water in the
> bores....its still a goer.

There's still hope for the Morris and Witte then.

Take Care. ~~
Feral Al ( @..@)
(\- :-P -/)
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Feral wrote:
> user(a)domain.invalid wrote:
>> this stuff ?
>> wont last ... email if you wont trust me on this
> Not on that site.
> Pratley - High Strength Steel Putty - Sets Like Steel - Can Be Machined.
> It's not a matter of trust. It's more limitation inquisitiveness. :-) I
> enjoy stretching boundaries, win or lose.
Like I said
no good it has a plastic problem
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"jonz" <fj40(a)> wrote in message news:4ab1dcd2(a)

> nup noddy is the mayor of that.......:^)

You continually spurting that over and over does *not* make it fact.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the friendliest ghost around here, and
that's even obvious to someone like you. However you've got *both* hands on
your slug if you think I or anyone else around here could give Oz a run for
his money in the bullshit stakes.

*Everyone* tells the odd porky now and again, and there is nothing unusual
about that. On the other hand, Oz is an habitual liar who's "stories" have
been shot down in flames by many people over the years who happen to have
known a hell of a lot more about the subject matter than he has tried to
invent, and it's been the butt of a great many jokes.

You claim to have been here for a while but can't see that. Maybe you should
ask yourself why that is?

> probly a throw away post....plenty of that here......

What were you saying about *not* being an Oz apologist?

> i know nothing of that....but yes, if assertions are proved to be wrong,
> then an apology is in order.......

I couldn't agree more, but you'll be waiting a *hell* of a long time before
Oz ever admits to any such mistake. The guy would rather shake and dance and
try to move the conversation off onto a completely different tangent before
he'd ever admit that he was wrong.

Just like he's currently doing with the "Mini" thing.

> no, i`m playing devils advocate here...

In all seriousness I really don't think you are, as that would require you
to be impartial and you've "picked your side" ages ago.

> hmmm, i am still using xp3 which is rock solid...i shied away from
> Vista,(seemed to have plenty of probs. from what i read) seems that 7 may
> have hit the mark?.........

We can only hope :)

Like you I also shied away from Vista after it proved to be sluggish and not
terribly well supported. XP3 also works incredibly well for me, and I'm
happy to continue using it for now until 7 becomes firmly established and
has had some "burn in" time at the hands of the community at large.


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Noddy wrote:
> <OzOne(a)> wrote in message
> news:6sq2b5tp53tmgjntm6jrvm6toje09m83at(a)
> > Pedantics....Tell that to the copper that pulls you over with an
> > expired driving licence
> Sure Oz.
> What would you have done when *you* were a copper?

AH HAH - OZ has driven a mini - it was the NSW police car with twin 1
1/2 SUs. It was probably 'dry sumped' because he ran it out of oil
hoping to get one of the new zephyrs or something (and no doubt he'll
make some nitpicking post about this, despite the fact that it's a joke.
Sure thing Oz, you can hair split this, but can't remember the class you
raced in, or at least couldn't remember after you were informed that the
class you formerly nominated didn't exist, and when it _was_ formed, it
allowed modifications you stated were illegal. Of all the dumb fucken
luck huh Oz. Too bad google doesn't archive stuff from the 70s, and you
had to scour the hundredth page of hits trying to find someone's webpage
than mentioned it!

Loser much?

Funnier still - and this is probably referenced in the archives of the
yahoogroups list (though he was around during the majordomo era) there
is a former mini racer who had a 970 spinning well over 10,000rpm and
making 120bhp litre. Now the bearing surface speeds on that would make
those on a 1275 (*which would be spinning to a peak of just high of 8
grand) - and yet, miraculously, no dry sump, and no failures because it
wasn't there. things like rods and valve springs were consumables, but
that has nothing to do with the oil.

Still waiting for the race car pic I see. Maybe you could take it from
overhead whilst flying the plane huh?

Loser aplenty.

John McKenzie

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From: Noddy on

"John McKenzie" <jmac_melbourne(a)> wrote in message

> Still waiting for the race car pic I see. Maybe you could take it from
> overhead whilst flying the plane huh?
> Loser aplenty.

He's awfully quiet :)