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>> > > The language used does not alter the validity of the
>> > > point AT ALL.
>> >
>> > It does, purely and simply because it shows the user of
>> > the swear word to be intellectually incapable of making
>> > a point without such usage. That in itself is enough to
>> > convince me that they are wrong. If they were right,
>> > they would be able to argue their point without
>> > swearing.
>> What a gross insult.
> Oh dear. It's ok for you to insult me though, isn't it.

tu quoque, fuckwit.

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Ivor Jones (ivor(a)despammed.invalid) gurgled happily, sounding much like
they were saying :

>> Why should anyone not call you what you are? Do you
>> object to being called a man?

> Nobody is calling me what I am, that is the whole point.

They are calling you what you *have already accepted you are*. A national
of a European country, and - by a very simple progression - therefore a

You just refuse to accept this immutable fact.

If this is because of a political preference to not be a part of the
European Union, then perhaps you'd prefer to go back to the "good old
days" whereby any visit across the channel required the amounts of foreign
currency taken and returned to be entered in your passport, duties to be
levied on all goods and services imported and exported, and all nationals
of other countries to have to register with police stations regularly?
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On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 23:43:58 UTC, "Ivor Jones"
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: I don't have to offer an explanation. I have actually done so, but you
: refuse to accept it, in exactly the same way I refuse to accept being
: called a European.

What is your definition of the word "European", as a matter of


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> You'll still stop calling me what I am not before I stop complaining about
> it.

You are quite hilarious. Just because you don't want to be European doesn't
mean you aren't one. If I said you had two legs and you claimed you had
three, then you would still have two legs. You don't get to choose.


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> Being called something I am not and regard as a gross insult is far from
> nothing.

What don't you like about Europeans?